Funny to think I once picked print journalism over radio. Now, of course, one would be foolish choose one over the other. In 2016, I launched the first of a series of podcasts under the guise of Fordham News. I organize them, record them and edit them using Adobe Audition. It’s a blast.


In New Book, Professor makes case for Universal Redemption

In her book Creation and the Cross (Orbis, 2018), Distinguished Professor of Theology Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, challenges us to reconsider cosmic redemption. It’s an ancient concept that fell out of favor in the 11th century, but is needed more than ever in a time of advancing ecological devastation. And in a bonus track, she reflects on the recent death of renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, an avowed atheist.


The Death of Kitty Genovese: A Case that Echoes to This Day

The 1965 murder of Kitty Genovese in Forest Hills, Queens spawned a debate about what became to be known as the “Spectator Effect” that continues to this day. Harold Takooshian, a, professor of psychology, talked with me about why it still matters nearly 60 years later.


In New Book, Professor Touts New Alliance for Democracies

In the years since the so-called “Arab Spring” gave hope to the idea that democracy was on the rise around the globe, the outlook has dimmed considerably. Philosophy professor John Davenport’s solution to an increasingly chaotic world is a “league of democracies.”