Me, On The Air

Over the last few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to share the story of my book with the world through a variety of outlets, from television and in-person appearances to print publications such as The New York Times and blogs.


WPIX Live Appearance

In December 2015, WPIX invited me to their live morning broadcast to talk about my book “Graffiti Murals.”

how i did my graf book.jpeg

How I wrote my book

In May 2018, my colleagues at Fordham asked me to talk about how I used my time working on an urban studies masters degree to write my book.

Wither the city 2 full size.jpg

wither the creative city?

In October 2018, my fellow urban studies alumnus David Goodwin and I discussed urbanism, gentrification and art at the Fordham Law Library’s “Behind the Book” series.